Pioneering the wave of digital licences.

How we led the South Australian government to launch the first digital drivers licence in the world.

In 2016 the South Australian government was in need of digital transformation

The South Australian government is committed to providing South Australians with modern and responsive public services. In order to achieve this strategic commitment required a technological reform of all government services. By digitising these services the SA government is hoping to simplify their transactions with citizens.

For instance, the elimination of vehicle stickers raised the issue that the only customer reminder system available was mailouts, which proved a costly and inefficient endeavour. The technological reform aims to reduce these future mailout costs and other inefficiencies within public services.

Our role in their modernisation


To create a unified and flexible standard of digital licences, that utilised superior security measures for use across government agencies.


To create responsive features to notify users of vehicle and licence expirations and enable easy renewal or cancellations.


Expand upon a mobile centric platform to complement the website.


To architect and enable a central government identity platform that met the OAuth2 spec.

Digital licensing

As part of the reform we developed a flexible and extensible digital licence that allowed for real time licence updates, renewals and cancellations to be made. This eliminated the customer wait time for public services to issue and distribute new licences.

Being not limited to a static card anymore allowed for us to add features such as demerit points and support numbers.

We set out to make a superior digital licence in every form factor.

Identity validation

To solve the security challenges of digital licensing, we used a validation method using one-time barcodes. Third-parties are then able to easily scan and validate the a licence shown to them, to verify against government records.

This technology is designed to reduce fraudulent identification and increase citizen privacy through time-limited codes and visual recognition, giving the validating party a high level of assurance.

Vehicle registrations in your pocket

Manage all your vehicle registrations and any payments that are required, in a single glance without logging in. Notifications alert you when your vehicle is due for renewal.

Supporting biometric security methods

We support both facial and fingerprint based mobile security models to encrypt sensitive data where possible.

Feedback from our role in the state's digital transformation has been exceptional

Since the rollout of mySA GOV, the state has set the standard for digital licencing for the world. Leading the way in digital licencing, the SA government has received significant traction. There as been over 100,000 downloads, and an average iOS rating of 4.7 stars.

Customer feedback has shown a strong positive reaction to the licencing transformation with most finding mySA GOV convenient and easier to use than the previous methods. This reception has also been experienced from the SA government who is expected to achieve major cost reductions.

The elimination of costs, such as licence and registration reminders, licence distribution and payments, is projected to save the SA government $9.04 million by 2022. These benefits are expected to strengthen as citizen and business adoption increases throughout South Australia.

4.7 / 5

rating on the App Store


projected savings by 2022

Our approach


Our primary concern is consumer privacy. As such we enable citizens to have control over their data, while limiting third parties access.

Ease of use

A well designed user experience is at the heart of everything we develop. Our goal is to simplify the process for all types of users.


All of our software is built to protect from identity fraud and threats, both from a government and user device security level.

This app takes us one step closer to creating a single sign-on account for all government services and is an important step in our digital transformation journey.

Premier, Government of South Australia

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