Convienent, dynamic and secure licences.

Every licence in one place

Connect data from various agencies.

Unify data together from a variety of sources into a single mobile app. Have your driver's licence right next to your fishing permit and RSA accreditation.

Manage vehicle registrations.

Register new vehicles, check if a vehicle is registered, easily pay and get reminded when you need to renew with email and app notifications.

Take advantage of dynamic content

Update licence information in real time.

Update a licences' expiry, add conditions or cancel it instantly. No need to wait for a new card.

Enrich your licence with new content.

You're not limited by a small static card anymore. Add demerit points, show special conditions or guide them directly to common tasks.

Superior verification and privacy

Scan to verify.

Use digital verification methods to instantly verify licence details, eliminating fraudulent identification.

Only share what's needed.

Inbuilt privacy protections reveal only what’s necessary to third parties. Proof of age checks will only show a name, photo and whether they are over legal age.

Biometric encryption.

Fingerprint and Face ID protect access to licenses on their device, with PIN entry as a fallback.

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Accept payments through mobile or web, including support for Google and Apple Pay, providing a standard way to pay for all government departments.

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Remind people when their next bill is due and other important alerts through mobile and email, and see how many users are engaging with your messaging.

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See how we rolled out the world's first digital drivers licence.

We helped South Australia to modernise their online services and digital identity, with digital licences now accepted across the country.

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